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This is a list of 100 best stocks by percentage % reached today in the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). If you want to view this list based on $ then click here: Best Performing Stocks.

Stock NamePriceVolume% Change$ Change
DOMARK INTL INC (DOMK)$0.000114000009900%$0.0001
PURAMED BIOSCIENCE (PMBS)$0.000131800009900%$0.0001
STRATEGIC GLOBAL INV (STBV)$0.000151000009900%$0.0001
AIR CHINA LTD SP ADR (AIRYY)$20.0743529.97%$1.82
SOLAR3D, INC. (SLTD)$5.0313020009.83%$0.45
HII TECHNOLOGIES (HIIT)$0.45011728259.7537%$0.04
GALENFEHA (GLFH)$0.34144609.68%$0.03
N-VIRO INTL CORP (NVIC)$2.5291119.65%$0.22
AUSTEX OIL LTD (ATXDY)$4.663009.65%$0.41
BIOFUELS POWER CORP. (BFLS)$0.2851259.615%$0.025
MCIG INC (MCIG)$0.108510244689.596%$0.0095
PDG REALTY SA ADR (PDGRY)$0.35825009.38%$0.03
GUIDED THERAPEUTICS (GTHP)$0.16394525389.2667%$0.0139
SOUTHERN HOME MEDICL (SHOM)$0.0014205878709.23077%$0.00012
CRUMBS BAKE SHOP INC (CRMBQ)$0.1294879.19%$0.01
BUILDABLOCK CORP (BABL)$0.002414127009.0909%$0.0002
VORTEX BRANDS CO (VTXB)$0.004810009.0909%$0.0004
FUSION PHARM INC (FSPM)$0.1298799.09%$0.01
ANTOFAGASTA PLC SPN (ANFGY)$23.3137189.06%$1.93
DIGIPATH (DIGP)$0.0589285102984.0625%$0.0269
CEREPLAST INC (CERPQ)$0.00282765884%$0.00126
BASTA HOLDINGS (BSTA)$0.238490083.077%$0.108
UNILENS VISION INC (UVIC)$8.8872008.96%$0.73
AXXESS PHARMA, INC. (AXXE)$0.09269385488.9412%$0.0076
CHINA NATL MATLS ADR (CASDY)$5.6835318.81%$0.46
REGENERX BIOPHARM IN (RGRX)$0.2565403008.79358%$0.02073
COSMOS HLDGS INC (COSM)$0.62127508.77%$0.05
VASOMEDICAL INC (VASO)$0.1856149708.76%$0.015
HONG KONG EXCH & CLE (HKXCF)$2535228.74%$2.01
FANNIE MAE 5.375 I (FNMAG)$7.7310128.72%$0.62
CMG HOLDINGS GRP INC (CMGO)$0.00253280008.6956%$0.0002
WEEDHIRE INTERNATIONAL, I (ANYI)$0.003808.5714%$0.0003
FREDDIE MAC VAR PR B (FMCCI)$5.9755008.35%$0.46
NEW WORLD GOLD CP (NWGC)$0.0013245227278.3333%$0.0001
COMDISCO HLDG RTS (CDCOR)$0.065460008.333%$0.005
WEALTH MINERALS LTD (WMLLF)$0.178713158.303%$0.0137
EASTS WEST PETE (EWPMF)$0.1084302308.2917%$0.0083
BUTLER NATL CORP (BUKS)$0.194971668.2778%$0.0149
ITRONICS INC (ITRO)$0.129910058.25%$0.0099
ORIGINOIL, INC. (OOIL)$0.07481552038.2489%$0.0057
DIADEXUS, INC. (DDXS)$0.4934338.11%$0.03
ADVANCED MEDICAL ISO (ADMD)$0.0041184750948.108%$0
ALPHAFORM AG (AFRMF)$2.821008.05%$0.21
SEARCHLIGHT MINE (SRCH)$0.27231678%$0.02
PLANET RESOURCE RECO (PRRY)$0.0273767708%$0.002
TORCH ENERGY TRUST (TRRU)$0.08077.78%$0.03
GULF UNITED ENERGY (GLFE)$0.000768475075%$0.0003
NORTH SPRINGS RESOUR (NSRS)$0.00191116572.7273%$0.0008
SURREY BANCORP (NC) (SRYB)$1521007.99%$1.11
STRATA OIL & GAS INC (SOIGF)$0.1295495207.9167%$0.0095
FIRST MARINER BNCP (FMARQ)$0.01507.914%$0.001
RB ENERGY INC (RBEIF)$0.005541074597.8431%$0.0004
DATA STORAGE CORP (DTST)$0.055415507.843%$0.004
COMMUNITY FIRST BANC (CFOK)$4.1511007.79%$0.3
BYD COMPANY LTD ADR (BYDDY)$10.25393127.78%$0.74
HONG KONG EXCH ADR (HKXCY)$24.98308757.74%$1.8
YOSEN GROUP, INC. (YOSN)$0.42130497.72%$0.03
AMAL GOLD & SIL INC (BCHS)$0.001416235297.6923%$0.0001
EMERALD PLANTATION (EMEXF)$0.281500007.69%$0.02
OCT 88 RES INC (OCTX)$0.5539017.63%$0.04
TRITON EMISSION SOLU (DSOX)$0.2149396007.5038%$0.015
BIOPHAN TECHS INC (BIPH)$0.00042074967.5%$3E-05
CREATIVE LEARNING CORP (CLCN)$1.1510007.48%$0.08
HORIZON ENERGY CORP (HORI)$0.0131625077.438%$0.001
PATENT PPPTYS INC (PPRO)$1.45151007.41%$0.1
BARFRESH FOOD GROUP (BRFH)$0.59931197.26%$0.04
ONE WORLD (OWOO)$0.007455796397.2464%$0.0005
GREEN PLANET GRP (GNPG)$0.015470007.143%$0.001
ITALK INC (TALK)$0.00031365838317.1429%$0
VU1 CORPORATION (VUOC)$0.7527407.14%$0.05
PHANTOM FIBER CORP (PHFB)$0.0331707.14%$0
GALAPAGOS NV SP ADR (GLPYY)$24.04886197.0191%$1.5773
HE-5 RESOURCES NEW (HRRN)$0.00058572046666.6667%$0.0002
HARBOR ISLAND DEV (HIDC)$0.000552195066.6667%$0.0002
GREENFIELD FARMS (GRAS)$0.002514026766.6667%$0.001
SIMBA ENERGY INC (SMBZF)$0.024250065.29%$0.01
BERGIO INTL INC (BRGO)$0.003938662562.5%$0.0015
SIGMA LABS, INC. (SGLB)$0.088832719766.988%$0.0058
MEGOLA INC (MGON)$0.0046403067586.9767%$0.0003
TREVALI MINING CORP (TREVF)$0.8641170506.9431%$0.0561
IFAN FINANCIAL, INC (IFAN)$0.311820466.9%$0.02
WIECHAI PWR ADR (WEICY)$15.342896.84%$0.98
IHEARTMEDIA, INC. (IHRT)$4.756366.82%$0.3
TROY RESOURCES LTD (TRYRF)$0.3521000006.667%$0.022
VYCOR MED INC (VYCO)$1.77114376.63%$0.11
CHEUNG KONG HOLDINGS (CHEUF)$21.032006.59%$1.3
ANHUI CONCH CEMENT C (AHCHF)$3.7462756.55%$0.23
GOLDSOURCE MINES INC (GXSFF)$0.163200006.536%$0.01
BYD CO LTD H SHS (BYDDF)$5.11251148266.5104%$0.3125
EKSO BIONICS HOLDING (EKSO)$1.488761376.47%$0.09
TELUPAY INTERNATIONA (TLPY)$0.029811936356.4286%$0.0018
SEARCHCORE INC (SRER)$0.0806.38%$0
6D GLOBAL TECHNOLOGI (SIXD)$8.643276.27%$0.51
AMAYA INC (AMYGF)$23.5347736.26%$1.39
PHOSCAN CHEMICAL CP (PCCLF)$0.226250006.253%$0.013
CANADIAN ZINC CORP (CZICF)$0.17449006.25%$0.01

Dow Jones $179781.5%$265
S&P 500 $2086.241.22%$25.22
NASDAQ Composite $4947.441.15%$56.22

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We hope you benefited from the list above about the best stocks for today. You can also check the Worst Performing Stocks. For more Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) stocks visit our homepage: OTCBB Stocks.