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This is a list of 100 best stocks by percentage % reached today in the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). If you want to view this list based on $ then click here: Best Performing Stocks.

Stock NamePriceVolume% Change$ Change
ZVELO INC (ZVLO)$0.2210199900.02%$0.2
PANCONTINENTAL OIL NPV (PCOGF)$0.0135000012900.00%$0.013
CHINA CRESCENT ENTRP (CCTR)$0.0001185000009900.00%$0.0001
PACWEST EQUITIES INC (PWEI)$0.0011509900.00%$0.001
REVOLUTIONARY CONC (REVO)$0.00190050900.00%$0.001
SILVER STAR ENERGY (SVSE)$0.0001250900.00%$0.0001
SILVER FALCON MINING (SFMI)$0.00012739100900.00%$0.0001
LIGHTSTREAM RES LT COM NP (LSTMF)$0.0009391533800.00%$0.0008
FJORDLAND EXPL INC COM NP (FEXXF)$0.271429781125.42%$0.151
WATERPURE INTL INC (WPUR)$0.000947500125.00%$0.0005
CRITICAL SOLUTIONS (CSLI)$0.000613959999114.29%$0.0003
JAGERCOR ENERGY (JAMTF)$0.0292500107.14%$0.015
LIXTE BIOTECH HLDGS (LIXT)$0.19174181102.13%$0.1
ADAPTIVE MEDIAS COM USD0. (ADTM)$0.000467822375100.00%$0.0002
A CLEAN SLATE INC COM USD (DRWN)$0.0002259441623100.00%$0.0001
LAS VEGAS RY EXPRESS (XTRN)$0.000231960514100.00%$0.0001
LYRIC JEANS INC COM STK U (LYJN)$0.000243000100.00%$0.0001
ELINE ENT GROUP COM USD0. (EEGI)$0.000227710001100.00%$0.0001
GRAY FOX PETROLEUM (GFOX)$0.0002519999100.00%$0.0001
EPOXY INC (EPXY)$0.00021500000100.00%$0.0001
AVATAR VENTURES CORP (ATAR)$0.00215000100.00%$0.001
SOLAR ENERGY INITIAT (SNRY)$0.00025055938100.00%$0.0001
APPLIED MINERALS INC (AMNL)$0.049910120091.92%$0.0239
PELE MOUNTAIN RESO COM NP (GOLDF)$0.193510075.91%$0.0835
VIZCONNECT INC (VIZC)$0.000510000066.67%$0.0002
NACEL ENERGY CORP COM STK (NCEN)$0.0025671968866.67%$0.001
SPORTS VENUES OF FLO (BTHR)$0.034519164.51%$0.013547
CHANCELLOR GROUP INC (CHAG)$0.002921500061.11%$0.0011
GULFSLOPE ENERGY (GSPE)$0.0161727260.00%$0.006
JADE ART GROUP INC (JADA)$0.0017100054.55%$0.0006
3D PIONEER SYSTEMS (DPSM)$0.0067350052.62%$0.0023
T3 MOTION INC (TTTM)$0.0153550050.00%$0.005
CUBA BEVERAGE CO COM STK (CUBV)$0.00037500050.00%$0.0001
EHOUSE GLOBAL INC COM USD (EHOS)$0.000316872637050.00%$0.0001
ONCOLOGIX TECH INC (OCLG)$0.0003462550.00%$0.0001
I BRANDS CORP COM USD0.00 (IBRC)$0.000312711324350.00%$0.0001
INROB TECH, LTD. (IRBL)$0.0003121000050.00%$0.0001
GENUFOOD ENERGY (GFOO)$0.00032000050.00%$0.0001
CANADA RARE EARTH (RAREF)$0.031720044.14%$0.00971
ACTIONVIEW INTL INC (AVEW)$0.0021186675742.86%$0.001
NATE'S FOODS CO COM USD0. (NHMD)$0.00136800042.86%$0
PEN INC (PENC)$1.45981440.78%$0.42
TEXAS GULF ENERGY IN (TXGE)$0.0046600040.35%$0.001
QED CONNECT, INC. (QEDN)$0.000710262341240.00%$0.0002
LITHIUM EXPLORATION (LEXG)$0.000724141966540.00%$0.0002
2050 MOTORS INC COM NPV (ETFM)$0.037535939.86%$0.01
CONECTISYS CORP (CONC)$0.00461000038.18%$0.00126
LAPOLLA INDS INC COM USD0 (LPAD)$0.8114702837.29%$0.22
BLACKBIRD INTL COR COM US (BBRD)$0.001915000035.71%$0.0005
AMERITYRE CORP (AMTY)$0.03395964735.60%$0.0089
HIRU CORPORATION (HIRU)$0.0004122500033.33%$0.0001
SKY440 INC (SKYF)$0.000416769932933.33%$0.0001
UMAX GROUP CORP (UMAX)$0.002500033.33%$0.001
TREND EXPLORATION, I (TRDX)$0.00041000033.33%$0.0001
SUNERGY INC (SNEY)$0.000499991133.33%$0.0001
VUMEE INC (VUME)$0.00264237833.33%$0.001
LEHMAN BRO CAP V 6.0 (LHHMQ)$0.10794540033.21%$0.0269
LAREDO OIL INC USD0.001 (LRDC)$0.0351830031.58%$0.008
APPIPHANY TECHNOLOG (APHD)$0.001910521945330.14%$0.0004
WMAC HOLDINGS CORPOR (WMAC)$0.0133000030.00%$0.003
ENVIRO VORAXIAL TE COM US (EVTN)$0.06513740030.00%$0.015
MINERCO RES INC (MINE)$0.0013142000028.71%$0.0003
TAURIGA SCIENCES (TAUG)$0.00092300296428.57%$0.0002
AAC TECH HOLDINGS (AACAF)$18.4510027.61%$3.99
SPINE PAIN MGMT INC (SPIN)$0.332600026.92%$0.07
STRATEX OIL & GAS (STTX)$0.00858000026.87%$0.0018
CECIL BANCORP (CECB)$0.019590026.67%$0.004
CEREPLAST INC (CERPQ)$0.0032150026.00%$0.00065
INTERLEUKIN GENETICS (ILIU)$0.006913285225.45%$0.0014
IFAN FINANCIAL INC COM US (IFAN)$0.000573700025.00%$0.0001
SOUTHERN HOME MEDICL (SHOM)$0.00051485130525.00%$0.0001
ENOVA SYSTEMS INC (ENVS)$0.00152000025.00%$0.0003
W TECHNOLOGIES INC (WTCG)$0.0151300025.00%$0.003
XR ENERGY INC (XREG)$0.00752500025.00%$0.0015
GREEN ENERGY SOL IND (GESI)$0.000590025.00%$0.0001
FOCUS GRAPHITE INC (FCSMF)$0.05556150023.33%$0.0105
ANYTHING TECH MEDIA (EXMT)$0.0016121103423.08%$0.0003
CD INTL ENTRPRISES (CDII)$0.001172959522.22%$0.0002
ALLIANCE MEDIA (ALLM)$0.220940021.21%$0.03
POSITIVEID CORPORATI (PSID)$0.0169149861720.71%$0.0029
FALCONRIDGE OIL TEC (FROT)$0.000690020.00%$0.0001
LIBERTY COAL ENERGY (LBTG)$0.000325000020.00%$0.0001
WORLD HEALTH ENERGY (WHEN)$0.0006166134020.00%$0.0001
U.S. CHINA MINING (SGZH)$0.015153020.00%$0.002
FUEL PERFORMANCE SOL (IFUE)$0.031565020.00%$0
ECO SCIENCE SOLUTI COM US (ESSI)$0.31877820.00%$0.05
GOLD RIVER PRODS INC (GRPS)$0.000630000020.00%$0.0001
PROTOKINETIX INC COM USD0 (PKTX)$0.065950018.97%$0.01051
ENER CORE INC COM USD0.00 (ENCR)$1.2310018.81%$0.19
XCELMOBILITY INC. (XCLL)$0.0009300018.75%$0.00015
STRIKEFORCE TECHS (SFOR)$0.0079636371918.50%$0.00123
GLOBAL PAYOUT, INC. (GOHE)$0.0291795853718.37%$0.004
WORDLOGIC CORP (WLGC)$0.0119703518.30%$0.001848
GEOVAX LABS INC (GOVX)$0.033101387518.28%$0.005
SPINDLE INC (SPDL)$0.1793310018.15%$0.028
REPRO MED SYS INC (REPR)$0.455880118.11%$0.07
TUNGSTEN CORP (TUNG)$0.0011135017.65%$0
PACIFIC WEBWORKS INC (PWEB)$0.00541000017.39%$0.0008
INTEGRATED CANNABI COM US (IGPK)$0.002740586417.39%$0.0004
EMISPHERE TECH (EMIS)$0.39884635017.29%$0.0588

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We hope you benefited from the list above about the best stocks for today. You can also check the Worst Performing Stocks. For more Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) stocks visit our homepage: OTCBB Stocks.